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The Fire Department was formed in 1948 with 29 members. In 1971 they purchased the first EMS squad. In 1975 the amount of water that responded was 2800 gallons per minute. Now in we respond with 4000 gallons of water in 3 trucks and capable of pumping 3750 gallons per minute. We operate 2 engines, 1 tanker, 2 ALS equipped squads, 2 brush trucks, and an auxillary vehicle. We have 14 Paramedics which we initially started with two in 1998. We respond to approximately 375 calls a year most are EMS related. These calls include EMS, Fire, Ice Rescue, Auto Accidents, Carbon Monoxide Animal Rescues, and many other calls of service. We have very dedicated members here and we are very proud to be apart of such a great community and a great organization.

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